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Nick Jonas Names Prince As An Inspiration For His Solo Album

We’re sure there’s no disrespect meant toward Kevin and Joe’s musical abilities, but Nick Jonas is taking inspiration from someone slightly older (and shorter) than his brothers. Nick has named Prince as the main influence on his upcoming album, Who I Am. That could have something to do with the fact that Jonas’ current side project The Administration is made up of members of Prince’s New Power Generation.

Nick tells MTV News that although he’s not sure if Prince has heard his new tunes—the full album is out in February—there’s a good chance the “Raspberry Beret” singer might drop by on the band’s upcoming tour.

“We’re playing a show in Minneapolis and it will be the homecoming for all the guys in the band,” says Jonas. “And [I'm] just waiting to see if Prince is gonna show up and be sitting there, like, with a blank face on. Hopefully he likes it.”

From what we’ve heard so far, there aren’t many similarities to The Purple One—although the high-pitched wailing in track “Conspiracy Theory” suggests Nick’s been doing a little funk homework, possibly while listening to LoveSexy. Hopefully Nick won’t get too carried away with copy-catting his rock muse—all the Jonas machine needs is one of its members turning his name into a symbol or offending millions of tween fans (and their moms) with an accidentally (or not) suggestive guitar pose.

Even if Prince doesn’t count himself a fan once he hears the youngest JoBro’s songs, Nick still has some reason to celebrate: Nicky J and the A (what, we have to type out that ridiculously long band name every time?) quietly entered Billboard’s Hot 100 at #73. That might sound disappointing until you take into account that none of the Jonas Brothers’ songs have charted all that impressively, especially considering their multi-platform mega-popularity (”Burnin’ Up” peaked the highest, at #5 on the Hot 100).

Maybe now it’s time to let the Bonus Jonas have a shot at the limelight?

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Jourdan Dunn Gave Birth!

Jourdan at the spring 2010 Jean Paul Gaultier show.

What a joyous holiday season this is turning out to be for models. Not only are they tall, thin, beautiful, and blemish-free, but they are having babies left and right. Yesterday we learned that Gisele gave birth, and today British Vogue reports that 19-year-old model Jourdan Dunn had her baby! Dunn gave birth to a boy on Tuesday afternoon, so her son and Gisele's son could have either been born on the same day, or just hours apart. Those kids should set up Skype accounts and become best friends in honor of the coincidence, seriously. Dunn had her kid with her boyfriend of five years. She walked the runway at seven months pregnant for Jean Paul Gaultier's show. Her agency hasn't said whether she'll walk the shows again in February, but a rep says, "Jourdan is really well and super happy." She heads home from the hospital today.
Jourdan Mum [Vogue UK]

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger Woods’ wife just needs to divorce him & get the money

At this point, the scandal surrounding Tiger Woods has gotten too hot to handle. Women are coming out of the woodwork, and I’m not sure if I can keep up with them. First up: Jaimee Grubbs. We talked about her yesterday, she’s the girl that Us Weekly pretty much has on their payroll. In the first story, Grubbs claimed that she and Tiger had an affair over the course of two years, with someodd “20 sexual encounters”. In Us Weekly’s cover story, Grubbs reveals some of the text messages and voice mail messages Tiger left for her. In one online right now (go to Us Weekly to listen here), Tiger leaves her a message telling her that his wife found her number, and that she needs to change her message.

On Nov. 24 — the day before reports of his alleged infidelity first surfaced — Tiger Woods, 33, phoned his off-and-on girlfriend, 24 year-old Los Angeles cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs, and left a message in which he begged her to change her voicemail greeting.

“Hey, it’s Tiger,” he says in the voicemail, obtained by (listen above). “I need you to do me a huge favor. Can you please take your name off your phone? My wife went through my phone and may be calling you. So if you can, please take your name off that. Just have it as a number on the voicemail. You got to do this for me. Huge. Quickly. Bye.”

In this week’s issue of Us Weekly (on newstands now) Grubbs details their 31-month affair. She reveals that they first hooked up in April 2007, and went on to have 20 sexual encounters.

She also shares her evidence, including photos and more than 300 racy text messages. One from Woods begins: “I will wear you out…”

“I loved how we got along,” Grubbs tells Us Weekly. “But I knew, in the back of my mind, there could never be just us. There would always be the wife, or somebody else.”

The billionaire golfer wed model Elin Nordegren, 29, in 2004; they have a two-year old daughter, Sam, and a nine-month old son, Charlie. The couple’s argument over Woods’ alleged affair with NYC hostess Rachel Uchitel, 34, reportedly led to his one-car accident near his home in Florida this Friday.

[From Us Weekly]

Radar also has addition information about Grubbs - apparently, she bragged about their relationship to friends (sound familiar?). Speaking of Rachel Uchitel, Radar also reports that “Tiger’s organization booked and paid for Rachel’s trip” to Australia. For goodness sake.

Anyway, now yet another girl has come forward claiming to have had an affair with Tiger. Life & Style is reporting that “insiders” close to Kalika Moquin claim she hooked up with Tiger in Las Vegas. Moquin is neither confirming nor denying.

Life & Style can exclusively reveal the identity of a woman who has quietly been seeing golf star Tiger Woods for months — as recently as late October.

Kalika Moquin, a marketing manager for The Bank nightclub in Las Vegas, hooked up with Tiger more than once at his Las Vegas hotel during the weekend of Oct. 23, an insider tells Life & Style. Kalika is the third woman to be publicly linked to Tiger. Club promoter Rachel Uchitel and Los Angeles cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs have also been named in shocking reports as women with whom Tiger has cheated on his wife of five years, Elin Nordegren.

When contacted by Life & Style, Kalika neither confirmed nor denied an affair with Tiger. “It’s not appropriate for me to comment one way or the other,” she said. “At this time, I’m just choosing to focus on my job.”

Reps for Tiger would not comment. But the insider tells Life & Style, “They’ve hooked up a bunch of times. Tiger told Kalika that married life isn’t all it’s built up to be. He said he wasn’t happy in his marriage or his home life and that there was just so much pressure on him.”

[From Life & Style Magazine]

Voicemail messages or I don’t believe it. No, that’s not true. My problem is that now I believe all of these girls. Jesus, how many women was Tiger nailing? I now wonder if these three women (Uchitel, Grubbs and Moquin) are just the tip of the homewrecking iceberg. Elin needs to file for divorce, stat. And get that money. This is ridiculous.

Us Weekly cover courtesy of CoverAward. Screencap of Grubbs, and Life & Style has the photo of Moquin.

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Everyone Fought on the Season Finale of The City, and It Was So Great

The City could not have ended the season with a better finale than what aired last night. Everyone was so tan, but more important, bitchy! They've spent quite a few episodes with each other and they can't stand it anymore. Kelly hates Roxy, Roxy hates Kelly, Erin hates Olivia, Olivia hates Erin, and surely Joe hates people, too, but he's too jolly to let it show (maybe men are better at this than women — good thing he's the only guy in the cast). And Bergdorf Goodman hates on Whitney's fashion line, but they are too classy to outright tell her they hate it. No bitchiness shall go undocumented!

Lesson 1: Being a best girlfriend and soul sister.
Don’t: Tell the object of your affection her current best friend and soul sister is neither of those things. Kelly tells Whitney that Bergdorf Goodman liked her look book. (This must be, if not an outright lie, a cruel exaggeration. Because, well, crap, look at what’s on her Whitney Eve website right now, and those clothes aren’t even mired in a food fight. There is no way those awkward dresses look better stained with frosting.) She suggests that Whitney do a presentation for the top buyers there, and bring her instead of Roxy. Roxy is unquestionably annoying, but we think Kelly’s hatred for her runs deeper than that. We hypothesize that she is jealous of Roxy’s BFF status with Whitney. If Kelly had it her way, she’d probably be sleeping on Whitney’s couch and having morning pajama talk about boys. She’s probably trying to sever their friendship so she can be Whitney’s one and only, maybe because she doesn’t have any other friends or doesn’t have any other friends so pretty. But! Bad-mouthing the current best friend is not going to get her anywhere. Whitney tends not to pick up on, well, much, but certainly not semi-subtle conniving.

Do: Resist bad-mouthing the enemy. When Whitney tells Roxy that Kelly doesn’t want her to go to the Bergdorf meeting, Roxy gets a little upset and decides to go talk to Kelly (see below for more on that epic conversation). Even though Kelly is a nasty bitch to her, Roxy doesn’t go back to Whitney and talk shit about Kelly. In fact, later she even tells Whitney not to worry about what news Kelly might have from the Bergdorf people, because surely she’ll be positive. This is a girl who is sure in her friendship with Whitney Port. And when it comes to life, few things are worth being so sure of.

Lesson 2: Being tactful.
Don’t: Tell your friend your boss doesn’t want her hanging around when you do important career things. Any person whose brain is occupied with thoughts would not tell her friend blatantly that the reason she must uninvite her from an important meeting is because the boss doesn’t think she should go. You would think Whitney would go back to her desk and say, “Actually I’m just going to go to this with Kelly. It’s just how these things work.” Instead of “KELLY DOESN’T WANT YOU TO GO WITH ME BECAUSE SHE THINKS YOU’RE AN IDIOT AND WILL EMBARRASS ME.” Whitney doesn’t quite use these words, but she may as well have.
Don’t: Then go to the boss and ask why she thinks ill of her. If Whitney handled the situation stupidly, Roxy handled it even more stupidly. Because on what planet is it appropriate to march into your boss's office and suggest the reason she doesn’t want you to do something is because she feels threatened by you? Roxy tells Kelly she thinks she sees herself in her, which is why Kelly doesn’t want her to be a part of things. Kelly is quick to dish out the bitchitude: “I think [Whitney] should have a trained sales person there somebody who knows what the fuck they’re doing.” With a side of passive aggression: “If she wants you to go, you can fucking go with her.” Finished with: “You know what, I’ve had enough of this for the day. Bye.” Amazing.

Lesson 3: Proving to your bosses that you’re not utterly useless.
Don’t: “Refrain from commenting” on things you fucked up. The Elle team is doing a morning-show segment — again — and Olivia couldn’t style it to save her life, so Erin had to scrap everything Olivia pulled and pull things herself. When they get there, she asks Olivia if she understands why what she pulled didn’t work. Olivia responds, “I’m going to refrain from commenting on that question.” This is what we all do, right, working people out there? When the boss asks why you fucked up, you "refrain from commenting on" questions, too, don’t you? Nothing makes something blow over easier than a line like that, let us tell you.
Do: At least pretend like you're doing stuff. Apparently they had to sit around for three hours before Joe taped his segment. Olivia doesn’t bother to look at what Erin pulled or try to do any work at all to help make the segment go well. This screws Joe over when he asks her where the clothes came from and how much they cost right before he goes on air. She doesn’t know, and he goes on not knowing what he’s talking about. But Olivia was surely occupying her time with more important things. Like trying not to eat the muffins and putting on hairspray every 25 minutes.

Lesson 4: Not being dense.
Do: Try to catch on to patterns. Olivia has done like 500 morning-show segments so far this season. She should know how these things work, which is why, even if Erin doesn’t explicitly say, “Please learn these looks so you can brief Joe in case I’m busy,” she should know that’s what she has to do. But hey! She’s a socialite. Why bother paying attention to anything that isn’t all about her and what she feels like doing?
Don’t: Blame your fuckups on other people. Of course Olivia tells Joe she didn’t know the looks because they weren’t her looks, so his flub on live TV wasn’t her fault — it was Erin’s! However, if Erin had gone with her clothes, the models would have emerged either half-naked or as though they don’t know what size they wear because Olivia didn’t pull enough sizes. So this is all Olivia's fault.

Lesson 5: Presenting a collection to Bergdorf Goodman for the first time.
Don’t: Dress like a shedding tree trunk. Whitney looked ridiculous at her Bergdorf Goodman meeting. The white jacket was acceptable, but the dress spilling out the bottom like voluminous, diseased tree bark made us cringe.
Do: Include black clothes. Watching Linda Fargo critique Whitney’s clothes warmed our hearts so. One, because Linda Fargo is a consummate professional and an extremely sweet lady (also a former Tastemaker) who always looks smashing and always behaves tactfully. Second, because she ripped into Whitney’s line. One problem with it: The girl had no black clothes. Whitney says that’s because no one wears black in L.A. Yeah, you know, when we look around and see tall buildings and subways and the Empire State Building, we sometimes think we’re in L.A., too. Even though we’ve been living here for, oh, years.
Don’t: Show things with sloppy hemlines. A classic Project Runway mistake, Whitney shows a slanted hemline and Linda calls her out on it.
Don’t: Show things that make the models look fat. Whitney shows a cold-shoulder dress made of some bizarre fabric that Linda et al. agree makes the model look large. If a model looks large, you know you've done something very wrong.
Don’t: Use cheap fabric. Linda notes a different fabric looks cheap, and says, “It’s not a high-end designer talent.” Whitney Port? No. Really?

Lesson 6: Being a diva in a good way.
Do: Tell Olivia Palermo’s boss she sucks at life in front of Olivia Palermo. Erin, Olivia, and Joe convene to discuss what went wrong at the morning-show segment. “You keep messing up and I keep having to fix it, Olivia,” Erin says, no longer able to hide her frustration. “There is clearly not at all a respect level that she has for me,” Olivia says, barely able to part her lips to enunciate words, her hair is pulled back so tightly. “I clearly do not like dealing with you,” Erin, who is beginning to reach unknown levels of awesome, says. “You have to change your tone of voice with me,” Olivia counters. Erin tells her that she takes her job very seriously (she does — we’ve worked with her and can confirm sister works hard), but Olivia doesn’t seem to give a damn. Though why should she, when she’s fake-employed and just wants to be on TV? Joe asks if they can work together. Erin says, “I can’t do it anymore. It’s her or me.”
Do: Deign to engage in conversation about Olivia Palermo’s competence. The best thing about the fight in Joe’s office was when Erin stormed out. And she had every right to, because she is above arguing about Olivia’s competence, which isn’t even a debatable subject. Besides, she has an actual job to do.

Lesson 7: Deciding when to stage a fashion show if you want to be a serious designer.
Don’t: Do it for the sake of reality TV. Kelly tells Whitney that Linda was fairly positive about their meeting (yeah, right), but wanted to see more of the collection and asked if there was a runway show. Kelly suggests Whitney go ahead and do one in Bryant Park. This is the girl who showed stained clothes to Bergdorf Goodman. She has no business doing a fashion show. We wonder if this is Kelly’s way of sabotaging Whitney for choosing Roxy over her. Whitney Port doing a (shit)show in Bryant Park is sure to draw press and be, sadly, huge.
Don’t: Do it if you don’t even have the balls to tell the obnoxious girl she can’t come to your meetings. Whitney is very hesitant about committing to a show. If she had any confidence in herself as a designer, she’d spring from her seat and say “Yes! I am ready! I will show the world my talents span far beyond staring!” She agrees to do the show even though she looks — as much like a person with such unvaried facial expressions can — like she wants to cry. Honey, when we saw what resulted, we did, too.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jude Law Spends Thanksgiving With Sienna Miller

Jude Law and Sienna Miller – two Brits currently living in Manhattan while appearing in roles on Broadway, celebrated the very American holiday of Thanksgivng  together at the Italian restaurant Emporio in the Nolita section of New York City.

Arriving just after midnight on Thursday, Jude and Sienna — who are starring in Hamlet and After Miss Julie, respectively —  took a table, where they ordered pizza — and a $350 bottle of wine.

“They were offered a private table in the back, but Jude and Sienna turned it down,” an insider tells Star. “They had no problem flaunting their love right in the middle of the restaurant. They definitely looked like they were head-over-heels for each other.”

I may be the only one..but I  always root for these two serial heartbreakers to settle down and be happy.

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Angelina Jolie thinks Pres. Obama will only get one term

So last week, Us Weekly ran an “exclusive” report based on an unnamed source’s claims that Angelina Jolie said she “hated” President Obama. Now, I didn’t believe it at the time, not because I didn’t believe the particular criticism Angelina alleged leveled at the president, but I had qualms about Angelina voicing any favorites or dislikes with regards to any politician or party. Simply because she’s never voiced her opinion before - why would she start now? And through an unnamed source, speaking to Us Weekly.

In any case, the whole “Angelina Hates Team Obama” thing wasn’t really the point of the tabloid story. The point was that Angelina and Brad are fighting forever and ever, and they’re not going to make it another week in Tabloidville, and their latest fights are about politics. Since everyone knows Brad is a big Democrat, the tabloids have cast Angelina as the fire-breathing, homewrecking, baby-stealing conservative. Something like that. Now Fox News has taken the lead away from Us Weekly, and their sources go even further, putting even harsher criticisms of Obama in Angelina’s mouth:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie can be like their warring, married characters in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” when it comes to presidential politics, sources tell Fox411.

“[Jolie thinks] President Obama is a great communicator but not interested in issues outside the United States,” says a Hollywood insider close to the Oscar-winning actress. “Angelina has worked very hard to get first-person accounts of what is going on in the world with her briefings from the UN, [while] Brad is a ‘Johnny Come Lately.’”

Jolie even thinks Obama will only last four years in the nation’s highest office, says the insider, because of “a subtle arrogance in his delivery, [and] not living up to his promises.”

A second source who has worked with the couple says that Pitt, 45, is more knee-jerk when it comes to supporting the administration’s policies, but that Jolie, 34, has not thrown in the towel on the Illinois Democrat - yet.

“Brad’s been a lot more automatically supportive of the President since he was elected,” the insider tells Fox411. “Angelina is waiting to see how he delivers on campaign promises and world affairs during his [first] term.”

Emails and calls for comment to reps for Jolie and Pitt were not immediately returned.

“Brad Come Lately” has indeed come calling to the White House more than Angelina since Obama took office. Recently released White House documents show that Pitt visited the White House sans Jolie twice since the President was elected.

Maybe he’s just boning up for his next political sit-down with the missus?

“Angie and Brad have in depth political discussions and they do disagree and argue,” says the pal. “[But] Brad credits Angelina with educating him greatly on world issues he was not a part of before they met.”

The source says Jolie (whose father Jon Voight, with whom she recently reconciled, is a staunch Republican) sometimes even out-lefts her famously liberal lover.

“Angelina is far left in some beliefs, but then she sees many sides from the right [hand point of view],” says the pal. “She believes in hard work and teaching people how to make their lives better. She also believes in lifting people in need up with support through food, money and education so they can succeed.”

And the parents of six both put their money where their mouths are. Together, the couple donated $6.8 million to charity in 2008 alone.

[From Fox News]

Because Glenn Beck is writing Brangelina Fox News Entertainment scoops now, right? “A subtle arrogance” in Obama’s demeanor? Seriously? What’s next? “Angelina Jolie agrees with Beck, calls Obama a racist”? Now, as far as the whole “Johnny Come Lately” thing - well, that’s kind of true. I mean, I don’t know if Angelina actually calls Brad that, but if she did, she wouldn’t be wrong. Brad’s heart seems to be in the right place, but I often wonder if he’s as engaged in these issues as he pretends to be. Maybe he thinks he’ll pick up foreign policy ideas through osmosis. Through sex with a certain saintly neoconservative vadge.

Angelina Jolie on a UNHCR mission in Syria, October 2, 2009. President Obama, his daughters Sasha and Malia, and a turkey named Courage at the White House turkey pardoning on November 26, 2009. Credit: WENN

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ryan Kwanten Celebrates His 33rd Birthday In Sin City

True Blood hottie Ryan Kwanten celebrated his 33rd birthday in Las Vegas, NV this weekend getting the party started at dinner with friends at TAO on Friday night before hitting up LAVO nightclub inside The Palazzo on Saturday night (his actual birthday). Here are a couple photos of Ryan at his bday celebration last night … unfortch for us, tho, he was fully clothed:

I understand that Ryan made sure to have the Don Julio Tequila flowin’ all weekend long and had himself a grand ol’ time. Mr. Kwanten has become one of my fave new celebs … his body of work, as it were, on True Blood made me an instant fan. I can’t wait to see more from him. Let’s send all of our Birthday Lurve to Ryan this weekend and wish him many Happy Birthdays to come!!

[Photo credit: Wireimage]

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