Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shaq Challenges David Beckham To A Soccer Match

In case you hadn’t heard, Shaq’s got a new reality show where he issues ridiculous boneheaded challenges to beat other dominant sports figures in their own game. It’s called Shaq Vs. His latest stunt: to go one-on-one with David Beckham.
Apparently, Shaq has been taunting David on his Twitter page to face him in a game of “soccerball.” Check it out:

“Dear David Beckham. I know you have heard about my Shaq Vs show, anyway u (sic) will never scoreSource: FameCrawler RSS Feed

Eva Mendes September 2009 UK Marie Claire


Eva Mendes is the cover girl for the September 2009 issue of Marie Claire UK.

She looks gorgeous in her pics fromthe photo shoot.  Check out some highlights below from the interview:

On her Calvin Klein adverts that were banned in the States:  “You can’t show your nipples, apparently, in the States.  But you can blow up anything you please in a movie or on TV.”

On her curves:  “I love my curves and I embrace them, but ISource: DailyStab RSS Feed

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Josh Duhamel & Fergie On The Rocks?

Actor Josh Duhamel and Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie are still in their newlywed phase, being married just about six months, however, according to sources the couple’s relationship is on the rocks!

Josh wants to start a family, but Fergie is not quite ready to give up her rock star lifestyle.  A pal said they are “clashing night and day, and they’re desperately trying to get a handle on their problems.”

The source added, “PubliclySource: FameCrawler RSS Feed

Girls Guide Author Jessica Hopper and Screaming Females' Marissa Paternoster Interview Each Other...

Marissa: Yeah, I was definitely afraid to play with people for a long time when I guess I didn’t think I was good. I think it probably had a lot to do with being the only girl, always—but I was lucky enough to have people around me who wanted to show me stuff.

Jessica: When I got older, I wasn’t so scared, and living with people in bands and playing in bands, I picked up so much. But when I was first trying to play in bands, I wound up having fruitlessSource: The Daily Swarm RSS Feed

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Scarlett Johansson Black Widow in Iron Man 2

The first images of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Iron Man 2 have been released, via a leak of a new Entertainment Weekly cover.

People have been waiting and drooling over this, since the first early stills of the movie came out in May (2009) and the movie’s director, Jon Favreau, told people on his official Twitter that the sight of Johansson in her Black Widow costume was enough to silence a studio full of people.

Friday’s issue of Entertainment Weekly is a full-on Comic Con preview and features our first look at Scarlett Johansson as Russian superspy Natasha Romanoff (aka the Black Widow) from Iron Man 2.

I’m sure we’ll have a high resolution scan of these tomorrow, but for now we’ll have to do with these screen-captures from Entertainment Tonight. I fixed them up the best I could in photoshop, but they’re still pretty questionable quality. The EW Cover features Robert Downey Jr in the suit, Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, and Johansson as Black Widow. (via Slash Film)

Per the above, this is clearly a grainy, early leak. When the clear HQ images come out on Friday (July 17, 2009), I’ll prolly post those too so you all can have a proper look.

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Dr. Klein’s former bf: Klein is father of Jackson’s 3 kids

Radar Online has a new interview with a guy who was the live-in lover of Michael Jackson’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, for four months in 2006. They were dating for about a year before they moved in together, and met on a gay men’s website that has “Bear” in the title.

Yesterday Dr. Klein’s ex told Radar that Klein gave him about three prescriptions for Codeine to help him cope with pain in his back. He said that Klein had the prescriptions filled in his own name, not his name, and that it seemed suspicious. The guy insinuated that if Klein was so willing to give him a prescription for an opiate and to try to hide it that he would most likely do the same for his old friend Michael Jackson.

Today Radar has posted an interview in which the guy says that Klein told him he’s the father of Michael Jackson’s three children. Supposedly the mother of the two older children, Debbie Rowe didn’t know that Klein was the sperm donor until about a year before the divorce in late 1999. At that point, Prince Michael was two and Paris was just a few months old. Further complicating this story is the fact that Rowe used to work as a nurse in Klein’s office.

In a bombshell new interview, Paul Gohranson, a former live-in masseur and lover of Dr. Arnold Klein, tells exclusively that Klein told him as far as he knew, he was the father of all three of Michael’s children – including the youngest, Blanket.

In our explosive interview, Gohranson also says that Debbie Rowe — Michael Jackson’s former wife who gave birth to two of Jackson’s children – at first did not know that Klein was the sperm donor. Rowe had worked with Klein as his nursing assistant while he was treating Jackson for his severe acne.

Gohranson says: “According to Arnold (Klein), they (Jackson and Rowe) had come to a business agreement, marriage was supposed to be the cover to have the children. As far as what I understand was that Debbie was to not know who the sperm donor was, she was supposed to be led on that Michael donated the sperm because apparently, he hadn’t shared with her that he couldn’t have kids.”

Gohranson reveals Rowe found out it wasn’t Michael’s sperm about a year prior to the couple’s divorce. He says he does not know who told Debbie the truth.

Gohranson says: “Arnold (Klein) said they (Jackson and Rowe) were very happy together…. It was basically a vocal contract between the two and he would get the kids… When Michael Jackson exercised his part to get out of the marriage she either wanted to stay in the marriage or he was going to have to pay her a good hunk of money to keep his secret.”

Gohranson says Rowe didn’t tell Jackson that she knew he wasn’t the biological father of the kids until “it looked like the free ride was over.”

While Rowe did give birth to Jackson’s two oldest children, the biological mother of Blanket remains a mystery.

[From Radar Online]

Can we believe this guy or is he just trying to cash in on this high profile story with allegations? Dr. Klein’s statements on the issue of paternity have been strange to say the least. He told Diane Sawyer that “All I can tell you is to the best of my knowledge, I am not the father of these children.” In his next interview, on Larry King, he clarified that statement, admitting that he had donated sperm “once, to a sperm bank,” but saying that he “absolutely [did] not” donate sperm to Michael Jackson.

In that Larry King interview, Klein also said he was willing to take a DNA test and that “If I was the parent, I would spend every moment of the day with the children.” He praised them repeatedly, saying “These are the brightest children I’ve ever met, the best behaved children I’ve ever met.”

A sperm donor doesn’t have rights to his children in most cases, unless there is some sort of written agreement. The law is still being worked out in these cases, and given the custody issues, and the fact that there’s a lot of money at stake in child support, the paternity of his children is likely to come up. The fact that Jackson didn’t adopt any of his children, which presumably aren’t biologically his, might come up as an issue. TMZ claims that the two older kids aren’t even biologically Debbie Rowe’s, and that they were conceived with someone else’s eggs.

These kids didn’t ask for any of this, and they just lost the father who loved and cared for them. Let’s hope that their grandmother and/or aunts can take care of them far away from the many people who would use them for money in any way.

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