Friday, June 26, 2009

Cheryl’s old rival turns up on X Factor

Far left - Daniel Pearce

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole had a deja vous moment yesterday when an old rival from her formative days on Popstars: The Rivals showed up for an X Factor audition.

The Sun reports that Daniel Pearce, one of the singers in the band One True Voice – who were beaten on Popstars by Cheryl’s band, Girls Aloud – got a unanimous ‘yes’ from the judges yesterday when he sang a cover version of Seal’s hit song, Kiss From A Rose.

Cheryl gave Daniel a standing ovation while Simon apparently “blasted” Louis Walsh for letting Daniel go when Louis was one of the judges on Popstars: The Rivals.

Cheryl told the hopeful, “I always thought you were fantastic.”

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Elle Macpherson must upset other moms

Elle Macpherson dropped her kids off at school today looking casual in her spandex and t-shirt. Of course you know the other moms saw her and hated her for looking this sexy in something so simple.  Any dads dropping their child off will now insist on doing it everyday in the hopes of seeing Elle once again in spandex before 9AM.

[source: Splash]

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Elle Macpherson must upset other moms

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lady Gaga Suffers From Heartburn

Poor Lady Gaga’s chest exploded whilst performing at the 20th Annual MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada.

Also there was Audrina Patridge in a cheap and ill-fitting dress, my fiance Bradley Cooper and the pure Jonas Brothers.  Oh, and I’m totally willing to support Kelly Clarkson in this whole body-acceptance thing she’s got going on, but there must be compromise.  No.  More.  Scarf.  Tops.

Rumer Willis appeared with her chin and Tila Tequila was positively stumped over the one-button operation of the Flip Mino HD camera.

Finally, in an admirable effort of frugality, Kim Kardashian fashioned her dress out of one of the extra costumes used by Fergie’s backup dancers.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Ryan Seacrest and Lindsay Lohan teaming up for a new reality show

Lindsay Lohan is coming to a television set near you!

The starlet was recently spotted having a business meeting with Ryan Seacrest at L.A. hotspot H’Wood on June 18.

“Met with Lindsay last night about a show idea I have for her…it helps people and gives others a second shot!” Seacrest wrote on Twitter. “Still putting it all together.”

Luckily for Lohan, whose career seems to have taken a break, the “American Idol” host has had a string of successful reality shows under his belt.

Seacrest, 34, has been the mastermind behind shows like NBC’s “Momma’s Boys,” MTV’s “Bromance” and E!’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “Denise Richards: It’s Complicated.”

Lohan, 22, also mentioned details of the pair’s new project on her Twitter page.

“Working on a really great project for television - I am excited!” she tweeted. “Something meaningful like Extreme Home Makeover on ABC… :)”

According to, the focus of the untitled television series will be on people who are on the wrong track and are given $1 million dollars to have a second chance.

No, she won’t be a contestant, but Lohan is reportedly set to be a judge on a panel of judges who hear contestant’s stories.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Katie Lee Joel & Billy Joel Divorce (PHOTOS)

Billy Joel, 60,  and his wife Katie Lee Joel, 27, have separated after five years of marriage.  Both of their reps issued a joint statement confirming the news.

“After nearly five years of marriage Billy Joel & Katie Lee Joel have decided to separate.  This decision is a result of much thoughtful consideration.  Billy & Katie remain caring friends with admiration and respect for each other.”

Joel, 60, was previously married to Christie Brinkley.  Together they have a daughter Alexa Ray Joel.

View more photos below.


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


“Why is it so hard to make a film about yourself?” asks Richard Rogers in Alexander Olchs’ The Windmill Movie. He shortly thereafter unwittingly answers his own question via another question: “Is there anything to say?” Opening today at Film Forum in New York, Windmill is a kind of personal documentary by proxy. After his teacher/mentor/collaborator Rogers died of cancer, Olchs was invited by Rogers’ widow, world-renowned photographer Susan Meiselas, to comb through the Harvard professor/documentarian’s vast archives of film and video, shot towards a hypothetical autobiographical movie that Rogers was never able to put together.
For Rogers, self-examination lead to a kind of tunnel-vision, embodied by an oft-seen image in Windmill of Rogers looking into the mirror from behind the camera. One of Windmill’s key ideas seems to be that the camera actually got in the way of Rogers’ ability to clearly see his own reflection. that, because of constant self-doubt as to whether he, as a white man born into money, had anything worthwhile to say, the apparatus through which he made his living filming other people couldn’t double as a tool through which to see himself. The service that Rogers provided to his subjects — of finding the truth in the raw material they offered up — Olchs attempts to perform by any means necessary for his lost friend.

Olchs is able to sync up some of Rogers’ material, much of it gorgeous color film footage inspired by his youth in the Hamptons, to audio recordings that Rogers also left behind. As we look at faded color 16mm images of green fields and and girls on bikes and girls on beaches and legs and smiles and girls and girls, Rogers’ voice explains that his formative sexual experiences happened on the beach, as a child amongst a gaggle of sunbathing wives left alone while their husbands worked in the city. “The summer is incredibly important. Incredibly important things happen in the summer,” he’s decided, and this will be the running thesis of his film. You believe him when he says that those summer hours aspent s the only male presence (and a purely voyeuristic one) in a female environment, the rest of his gender off securing the caste, were key to his “becoming a person.” As a man, he never lacked for sexual partners, but had much more trouble with his professional identity. Not only could he not finish the personal film, but his less-than-lucrative choice of filmmaking niche put him in general opposition to his monied family and the notion of masculinity, deeply tied to an ability to sustain a family’s lifestyle via professional contribution, that prevailed in his Hamptons spiritual home. More than once, Rogers laments not being able to add to the family fortune by being a banker, or at least “Steven Spielberg.” This is the strongest stuff in The Windmill Movie, the sections where Rogers’ non-existent self-portrait really seems to have been stitched into some kind of benevolent Frankenstein-like life.
Olchs’ bolder creative moves are less successful, but still often compelling. In an attempt to be fair to Rogers’ own interest in the idea of recreation of reality as the path to truth, Olchs chose to funnel the left-behind material into a documentary-fiction hybrid, with Wallace Shawn (ie: “Dick’s old friend Wally”, with whom Rogers went to prep school) performing Rogers in copies of scenes shot before his death. The material with Shawn is, surprisingly, the film’s weakest link; apparently a vestigial tail of an abandoned project in which Shawn would play Rogers and Cynthia Nixon would take the role of Susan Meiselas, there’s not enough of it left in the finished piece for what’s there to add up to anything, so when it is woven in, it’s a distraction. Olchs also scripted a narration from Rogers’ perspective, based on conversations with the older filmmaker’s friends and family and the diaries he left behind, which Olchs performs himself. This is a fascinatingly ballsy move (one wonders, did Olchs come up with phrases like “my thwarted sperm,” or was that an actual Rogersism?), one which works as an analogue to the sequences edited to Rogers’ left-behind recordings, but never matches the synchronous power of the late filmmaker’s images matched to his voice.
Ultimately, one gets swept up in the first soapy, then tragic melodrama of the life matter that overwhelmed Rogers’ desire/compulsion/ability to make art — his youthful bohemian sexuality aged into an inability to choose between potential life partners, the endless Hamptons summer of sun-and-booze-soaking soured into melanoma, then brain cancer — while still longing for a discreet “Where I’m From” statement of equal precision and beauty to Rogers’ late-60s short Quarry (which will screen before Olch’s feature at Film Forum). That key question posed early on — “Is there anything to say?” — is answered by Rogers’ own material with a frustrated “yes”; Olchs’ material plays up the tragedy that Rogers’ confidence in his own voice failed to metastasize quicker than cancer.

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Lara's Wardrobe Cam: Take Your Pick!

WEBISODE: 06/17/09 Welcome to the latest edition of our special web series Lara's Wardrobe Cam! Today "The Insider"'s fashion expert Anya Sarre is trying to pick the perfect outfit for Lara Spencer, and the girls have a special helper, Lara's son Duff! Duff and the girls need your help with their big decision -- watch the video and post your comments below! Then tune in to "The Insider" to see what Lara wears on tonight's show!

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Rihanna Sued By Neighbor

Rihanna is being sued for not being a good neighbor.

On Tuesday, Christian Moeller sued the 21-year-old pop singer and Stephen Yacobian (yah-KHO’ bee-ihn), who owns the house Rihanna is renting in Los Angeles. According to the suit, Moeller, a university professor, claims the “Umbrella” singer allows cars of visitors to routinely park or wait on his property.

Moeller also claims a security camera installed at the home in the Hollywood Hills points onto his property.

He is seeking unspecified damages for trespass, invasion of privacy, and other claims.

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Jeremy Piven Apologizes To Zac Efron On Behalf Of Ari Gold

Entourage star Jeremy Piven has revealed that he once apologised to teen hunk Zac Efron for something his character said about him - before it even aired.

Piven, who plays Ari Gold in the hit TV show, says he approached Efron at a basketball game after referring to the High School Musical star's private parts in an episode of the show.

"What I do now is I apologise to people before they see the episode, so they know that I don't write it," said the 43-year-old actor.

"Because in this one episode [next season], I say to my gay assistant Lloyd, 'I want you to focus on this as if it's Zac Efron's ball sack.'

"So I said that to Zac... to let him know I'm only saying what's written and to please not be mad at me."

Piven, who has appeared in the TV show since 2004, also reveals that he was shocked to find that President Obama and his wife, Michelle, are both big Entourage fans.

"I was lucky enough to be introduced to [them] and the President told me he and his wife both watched.

"To be honest with you, I thought he was kidding. But, apparently, he wasn't. It's pretty fantastic."

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Al Roker Speidi Interview VIDEO


Heidi Montag Pratt and her husband Spencer Pratt have returned to the U.S., fresh from their very short stint on the summer reality show hit I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!.  They’ve been hitting all of the morning talk shows and sat down with Al Roker on The Today Show yesterday.

According to Montag, Al attacked her and obviously hates women.   She shared this with Ryan Seacrest when the couple made a guest stop on his KIIS-FM radio show later in the morning.

Roker seemed combative to the couple, who reported that he didn’t even thank them after the segment was filmed.  Heidi was apparently reduced to tears over his slight.  She claims that they expected to be interviewed by show host Matt Lauer, and found the fact that the weatherman was going to manage the task appalling.

View the video below and let us know what you think.  Did Al disrespect Speidi or is the couple blowing this all out of proportion?


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Lindsay Lohan is having an eventful week

"Stay cool, man. Just stay cool."

Lindsay Lohan spent Friday at the AXE Lounge with her brother Michael drinking Shirley Temples while her security guards forced everyone to delete photos they took of her. Lindsay was probably laughing maniacally while this was happening. I bet she also made them lick her shoes.

On Saturday, Lindsay went to The Box spending most of the night on her phone. Then witnesses say she began behaving “extremely oddly and erratically.” They continued, “She came in at 4:30 a.m. and went to a VIP room, where she immediately climbed a stripper pole. A little later, she walked up to a tall, handsome guy and asked him a question. When he said he didn’t know the answer, she lost it and started yelling and cursing and flying around the room. She was not acting normal.” He must have not understood what Lindsay meant when she asked, “Are you holding?” Bitch needs her drugs.

In other news, TMZ confirmed that Scotland Yard is investigating missing jewelery worth $500,000 (not $40,000 as previously reported) from an Elle magazine shoot Lindsay did. They did add that they had other suspects as well. But, you know Lindsay stole that.

Lindsay’s rep said: “No one has contacted us yet, but Lindsay is happy to cooperate. She wants them to find the missing items.”

What a great strategy. Of course she’s happy to cooperate. She already pawned it all. They’re not going to find anything at her place. Although, police should be a little suspicious that Lindsay offered to help search for the missing jewels in the private jet she just bought.

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Megan Fox Goes Sexy For ‘Transformers’ Premiere

Megan Fox spoke to MTV News last night and denied any romance with heartthrob Robert Pattinson at the Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen premiere.Reports had previously linked the pair and although Megan denied those stories she admitted to finding the Twilight star attractive. She told us: ?I mean, he?s outrageously attractive- he?s like a very pretty man. I?ve never been in a room with him though so those rumours aren?t true??Although, you know every other girl on the planet wishes that it was but I didn?t have the opportunity so??Gorgeous Fox has been hitting red carpets across the world to promote the Transformers sequel and last night made it to London.Asked by MTV News how the on-set chemistry with Shia LaBeouf worked second time round the star was coy saying: ?It went well? It went really good.?

More: continued here

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Queen Elizabeth II Celebrates Her 83rd Birthday

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, celebrated her official birthday in the UK yesterday and, as is custom, partook of the pageantry known as Trooping the Colour with her Royal family … including her husband Prince Philip and her grandsons Princes William and Harry. Here are a few pics from yesterday’s festivities and some deets of what went down:

Pomp and pageantry was on full show Saturday as Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her official birthday with the traditional Trooping the Colour parade in London. Wearing a blue coat and matching hat, Queen Elizabeth, 83, took the salute during the military spectacle, as senior royals and thousands of well-wishers looked on. Later, the royal family watched from the balcony of Buckingham Palace as 29 aircraft, from vintage planes to modern fighters, took part in the traditional flypast, with the Red Arrows air acrobatics jets trailing red, white and blue smoke. Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Philip travelled to the Horse Guards parade ground in Queen Victoria’s 1842 ivory-mounted phaeton carriage. Her eldest children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, followed on horseback. Charles’s wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, plus his sons Princes William and Harry — who both wore military uniform — watched from a building that was once military hero the Duke of Wellington’s office. The queen has taken the salute every year bar one since her accession to the throne in 1952. The Colour being paraded on Horse Guards this year was the flag of the 1st Battalion Irish Guards. The pomp and ceremony of Trooping the Colour — a hangover from preparations for battle when colours or flags were “trooped” down the rank so soldiers could recognise them — marks the queen’s official birthday. Her actual birthday is on April 21 but historically the monarch has another in the summer months, because the weather is supposed to be better for open-air celebrations.

Birthday lurve goes out to Her Majesty this weekend as she officially celebrates her 83rd. It’s so good to see her lookin’ so spry and lively. Queen Elizabeth II looks like she’s got the fortitude to reign for a very long time to come. As an American, I find it very neat and interesting to see the regalness of Royal celebrations like this. We, too, have our pomp and circumstance here in the US but there seems to be something special about Royal ceremonies. So nice to see the Royals all celebrating together.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

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Heidi and Spencer Pratt Return From Costa Rica

Just before Heidi and Spencer Pratt left Costa Rica, the cheesiest couple in America recovered from their traumatic experience on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here at the local Four Seasons hotel.

After Spencer nursed his sick wife back to health at the Season’s, her threw her in a bikini for one last photo shoot before returning to L.A.

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Miley Cyrus To Go On Attack When Defense Rests

Miley Cyrus has demanded almost $60K in legal costs if she wins her case against Lucie Kim.
The Hannah Montana star is being sued by Lucie Kim on behalf of Los Angeles' Asian citizens, after Kim claimed a picture of the singer and her pals making a "slanty eyes" gesture caused her emotional stress.
Miley has apologized for her actions, but not before Kim launched a lawsuit accusing her of being racially insensitive.
Judge Robert Hess said Cyrus' behavior was "immature and childish" but that he had "grave doubts" Kim would be able to prove her contention that the singer is a "business establishment" and therefore obliged not to act in such a manner publicly.

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Miley sings backup

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gordon's Gaffe

Gordon Ramsay isn't exactly known for his tact.

But this time his big mouth has gotten him into some boiling water...and some Aussie's can't take the heat and want him out of their kitchens!

He won't be putting a shrimp on the Barbie in Australia anytime soon, as the entire country including the Prime Minister is peeved at rude comments he made to female television employees.

He infamously called Channel 9 TV news anchor Tracy Grimshaw an "ugly old pig" and made other rude comments to her, and other staff at the station.

Sounds like vintage Gordon to us, and he's certainly no stranger to controversy, but now his lack of filter has alienated an entire country.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd calls Ramsay "a new form of low life". Ouch!

Tracy Grimshaw's gotten a few knocks of her own in, calling Gordon an "arrogant narcissist".

Well, um...duh. She's obviously never seen Kitchen Nightmares!


Howard Stern David Letterman (Video)

Howard Stern made a return visit to Letterman last night, prominently making his preference over Leno known. Ummm yeah, he despises Leno. In a lengthy interview with the late night talk show host, the duo make a great team with Letterman’s great interviewing skills and Stern’s witty responses. What more could you want than one big fat rag fest.

For those avid watchers of David Letterman and/or Howard Stern, it should come as no surprise that Stern has never been a fan of Jay Leno. In true Stern style, he made an appearance on Letterman last night to take his latest attack on Leno. Just last week, when he returned from his vacation Stern launched a vicious attack on the departed ‘Tonight Show’ host by picking apart Leno’s parting monologue word-by-word. And last night, Stern brought his attack to the Late Show.

In addition to the ratings wars, Stern also joked about the dancing antics on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, his curly mop top and the MTV Awards ceremony joke that had Sacha Baron Cohen landing with his buttocks in rapper Eminem’s face.

It is pretty effing hilarious. Check out the clips below.


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Real Housewives of O.C. Returning Without The Keoughs...Perhaps??

Bravo has already started filming the next season of The Real Housewives of O.C. without the Keoughs. Kara, Jeana's daughter told E! news, "It's just about agreeing to terms and signing contacts and deadlines...We had a dispute due to deadlines and they need to settle it...I think it would be their loss. I didn't ask for anything too extraordinary."

I'm sure they're just being divas and asking for way too much. And as interesting as the Keoughs are, the show doesn't need them. The show and the franchise are way bigger than just one family. I say lose them.

And I wonder if this next season will show the Slade and Gretchen relationship? You know he's just with her to get another season...Sorry Slade, just my opinion.