Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Howard Stern David Letterman (Video)

Howard Stern made a return visit to Letterman last night, prominently making his preference over Leno known. Ummm yeah, he despises Leno. In a lengthy interview with the late night talk show host, the duo make a great team with Letterman’s great interviewing skills and Stern’s witty responses. What more could you want than one big fat rag fest.

For those avid watchers of David Letterman and/or Howard Stern, it should come as no surprise that Stern has never been a fan of Jay Leno. In true Stern style, he made an appearance on Letterman last night to take his latest attack on Leno. Just last week, when he returned from his vacation Stern launched a vicious attack on the departed ‘Tonight Show’ host by picking apart Leno’s parting monologue word-by-word. And last night, Stern brought his attack to the Late Show.

In addition to the ratings wars, Stern also joked about the dancing antics on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, his curly mop top and the MTV Awards ceremony joke that had Sacha Baron Cohen landing with his buttocks in rapper Eminem’s face.

It is pretty effing hilarious. Check out the clips below.


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