Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gordon's Gaffe

Gordon Ramsay isn't exactly known for his tact.

But this time his big mouth has gotten him into some boiling water...and some Aussie's can't take the heat and want him out of their kitchens!

He won't be putting a shrimp on the Barbie in Australia anytime soon, as the entire country including the Prime Minister is peeved at rude comments he made to female television employees.

He infamously called Channel 9 TV news anchor Tracy Grimshaw an "ugly old pig" and made other rude comments to her, and other staff at the station.

Sounds like vintage Gordon to us, and he's certainly no stranger to controversy, but now his lack of filter has alienated an entire country.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd calls Ramsay "a new form of low life". Ouch!

Tracy Grimshaw's gotten a few knocks of her own in, calling Gordon an "arrogant narcissist".

Well, um...duh. She's obviously never seen Kitchen Nightmares!


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