Monday, November 23, 2009

Jude Law & Sienna Miller get drunk together, probably bangin’ again

It’s like a fairy tale! You know, that old fairy tale about two old wh-res who get drunk together and hook up? That fairy tale. That’s what happened to Jude Law and Sienna Miller. Both of them are working on separate plays on Broadway, and there have been some rumors here and there that the two former fiancées have been getting friendly. Of course, Sienna has allegedly been getting friendly with everyone from DJ Slinky Wizard to married Balthazar Getty while in New York. And of course, Jude Law has been getting friendly with “every fertile woman in the Tri-state area” in the hopes of extending his baby army. But still, there’s something special about Jude and Sienna together… it makes sense. She’s a drama queen, he doesn’t really care who he’s doing… it works. The Daily News has an eyewitness who puts them together - with Jude trying to get Sienna drunk! Ah, seduction. So sweet.

Jude Law and Sienna Miller have been insisting that they’re “just friends,” but they certainly looked like more than pals during the wee hours of Thursday night.

The former lovebirds arrived together at The Box after their respective Broadway performances - Jude is starring in “Hamlet” and Sienna is lighting up the stage in “After Miss Julie” - and a spy at the lower East Side hot spot saw the two get more and more cozy as the night wore on.

“They came in together and got a table with a few friends around 1 a.m.,” the source dished. “At one point, Jude ordered shots for the two of them, and he was egging her on to take one. They were laughing a lot and whispering to each other - it looked like they were genuinely having a good time.”

And perhaps Jude’s former lady love will make the notorious playboy settle down again - our spy continued that although several females approached the table to get the actor’s attention, he only had eyes for Sienna.

“Jude’s a regular at The Box and a lot of people know him there,” the source said. “So he had a ton of people coming up to say hi to him, many of them female, but he really only seemed interested in Sienna.”

So much so, in fact, that at one point he brought the actress to meet another group of friends, and led her through the crowded club by the hand.

“It looked like he wanted people to see that they were together,” the partygoer dished.

Reps for Law have previously admitted that although they have indeed seen each other while living in New York, no romance has been rekindled.

But our source begs to differ.

“They certainly looked like more than just friends,” the spy insisted, noting that they both disappeared around 3:30 a.m.

[From the New York Daily News]

My guess is that they’re really not “together” again, they probably just are friends with benefits. They probably do have sex often, just my guess. But it probably doesn’t mean anything, because they’re so horrible together. No, I don’t really believe that. Sienna kept her sh-t in check when she was with Jude, and he was the “bad” one. When they split up, I think we finally saw that Sienna really wasn’t and isn’t as interesting as we made her out to be. But she and Jude probably like to reminisce, so good for them. At least Jude wasn’t out there trying to get whatever random waitress pregnant.

Old photos of Jude and Sienna when they were “on again” in 2006 after the nanny incident. From London on October 4 and October 3, 2006. Credit: WENN.

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